Mommy Divine & Sarah Geronimo in a blind item

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A tweet of salbehe, one of the readers and followers of, has almost confirmed the suspicion of other people reading the article. “They are Mommy Divine and Sarah Geronimo, the second paragraph is pointing to the two of them,” Salbehe tweeted. Here is the second paragraph that salbehe is talking about. Read More……


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Matteo Guidicelli remains silent after he watched the concert of Sarah Geronimo

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This rumor started when an observer, Angelica Punay, confirmed Matteo Guidicelli’s presence in the concert using her official Twitter account. “Matteo was at the VIP Lounge,” Angelica tweeted. The hunk actor remained silent despite his rumored presence at the MOA Arena and even though he is active in the social media, the fans have never had the chance to discuss the issue with him. Read More….


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Matteo Guidicelli denies courting Andi Eigenmann; not sure if he will watch Sarah Geronimo’s concert

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Matteo denied courting Andi Eigenmann. He became the subject of conversation in social media several days ago due to alleged dinner date with Andi Eigenmann, but according to him, Andi is just a friend. “I think we’re linking because some people have seen us having dinner with some friends. We’re just really close. Andi and I are very close because we know each other for almost five years now,” Matteo said. Read More….


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Matteo Guidicelli was caught on camera putting his arm on Sarah Geronimo’s shoulder

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“Whoever he is, I really don’t want to make it a circus because I am afraid. At the same time, I want to see how sincere he is, whatever it is, how sincere that man is. So, I’m really sorry, I really want to keep it private,” Sarah revealed. Read More…….


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Are Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli officially on?

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According to the article, Joji confirmed reports that the hunk actor is close to Mommy Divine, the famous mom of the youngest coach of “The Voice.” Reports added that their closeness started when they were able to spend time together in the United States last May. Read more……


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After Sarah Geronimo and Angeline Quinto; Klarisse De Guzman will try to penetrate the music industry

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The pop princess was expecting a close fight but it turned out that Klarisse got the highest percentage of votes from the viewing public. Sarah Geronimo became emotional when she heard Toni Gonzaga announcing Klarisse as her representative in the grand finals of “The Voice of the Philippines.” Read More……


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Nikki Gil, Billy Crawford refuse to talk about third party

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Aside from third party issue, the actor has also denied the reports on “TV Patrol,” the most credible news program in the Philippines, aired on ABS-CBN a while ago, saying that he watched his ex-girlfriend’s interview with Boy Abunda on the late night news program “Bandila.” Read More……


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