Do you want to see Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli in a movie?

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Some observers said they are now telling everyone that they are in love with each other and their rumored relationship is really true contrary to the netizens claim that they are separated due to some issues involving their respective parents. They’re like newly wed couple especially when the pop princess embraced and hugged Matteo Guidicelli right after their duet. Popsters were screaming while watching the video on YouTube. They are all excited for their idols. Read More…….


  1. Tony Calvento reveals status of the Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo-Cedric case
  2. Did Matteo Guidicelli had a heart to heart talk with Sarah Geronimo’s mom?
  3. Vhong Navarro case: Tony Calvento confirms Deniece Cornejo has worked in a bar
  4. Tony Calvento: The PI in the Roxanne Cabanero-Vhong Navarro case continues
  5. Yam Concepcion’s sex scenes from the movie Rigodon goes viral on web

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