Vhong Navarro news: Deniece Cornejo works at Room 521 Piano Bar and Restaurant

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There are speculations that the incident was just a set up, but according to Deniece Cornejo, she was raped by the actor-TV host contrary to the report circulating in print and social media. She has already filed a rape case against Vhong Navarro, but based on the video shown by the National Bureau of Investigation several days ago, the incident did not happen. Read More…..


  1. Tado went to Mountain Province for a project titled Life Begins at the Mountain
  2. Deniece Cornejo update: Vhong Navarro’s video of abused sex organ goes viral
  3. Sarah Geronimo & Matteo Guidicelli’s romance remains hot topic on social media
  4. Matteo Guidicelli is still leading in the Captain Barbell poll
  5. Buzz Ng Bayan reveals witness in Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo-Cedric Lee case

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