Update on Vhong Navarro case; Cedric Lee denies extrotion

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According to Cedric, they want to bring Vhong to the police but the It’s Showtime host fought back. “We were forced to fight back until his face was broken,” Lee added. “Vhong also admitted to us that he was forcing himself on Deniece but pleaded not to take him to the police because it will damage his showbiz career,” Lee confirmed. Read More…..


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  2. Update: Vhong Navarro’s manager dismisses the 22-year old girl’s alleged blotter
  3. Vhong Navarro’s condition after an incident happened in a condominium unit
  4. Matteo Guidiceli reacts on rumored relationship with Sarah Geronimo
  5. Matteo Guidicelli can get the title role for Captain Barbell

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