Phoemela Baranda turned on the hot seat after she denied everything about Anne Curtis

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After the interview, Anne Curtis immediately tweeted Phoemela Baranda. She thanked her for clearing her name. “Thank you for clearing that Phoemela. Really appreciate it. Thank you,” Anne tweeted. But if Anne is thanking her, the netizens are saying that she is not telling the truth. “I’m sorry Phoem, but that destroys what little credibility you may have had left. Sell your story somewhere, Dude Interrupted tweeted. Read More…..


  1. Sarah Geronimo’s leading man John Lloyd Cruz remains silent on Anne Curtis’ rant
  2. Anne Curtis calls John Lloyd Cruz addict; says she can buy Phoemela Baranda
  3. Sarah Geronimo performs at the MOA; Matteo Guidicelli visits SMX
  4. Matteo Guidicelli will surprise the fans of Sarah Geronimo
  5. Matteo Guidicelli, Gerald Anderson courted Sarah Geronimo in different way

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